Autor: Mira Adanja-Polak

Mira Adanja-Polak is the author of over sixty investigative documentaries which have been shown in Eastern Europe, including:

  • Risk of Love (New York) – introducing the problem of AIDS in Eastern Europe;
  • Hospis – the art of dying;
  • File on Russian Csar
  • Russian Cemetery in the West (Paris)
  • Meeting the Son of Hitler’s Assassin (Graf Fon Stavfenberg) (Munich)
  • Life of Aircraft Carrier Nimitz
  • Royal Divorce (London)
  • Christie’s – New York
  • Visit to a Women’s Jail – Killing the Husband (Belgrade)
  • Road of a Drug (Amsterdam)
  • Widow of Communism (Tito’s Wife after 16 years of silence) (Belgrade)
  • Hand of St. John the Baptist (Monte Negro)
  • Woman Without Breasts (Belgrade)
  • Adopting the Handicapped Child
  • Berlin Wall (Before and After)
  • Behind Closed Doors (West on Balkans)
  • Love Letters From Mileva to Albert Einstein
  • Balkan and Yugoslavia 1941-45
  • Television series on AIDS


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  1. Marnie Sweet, Akron, OH USA

    Dear Ms. Adanja-Polak: When I asked a Yugoslavian friend who is the most influential woman in Serbia he replied without hesitation, „Mira!“. I was delighted to listen to your interview of Prince M. Romanov (the interview of Princess Leonida was not available.} For 25 years I have conducted extensive research, collected personal items, and presented in Victorian attire a docudrama of Bertha Honore Palmer (1849-1918). Her husband, Potter Palmer, gave her Chicago’s grande dame Palmer House Hotel as a wedding gift. Brilliant entrepreneur, collector of Impressionist art, and member of the royal circles of Europe, Mrs. Palmer was rumored to have been more than an acquaintance of King Petar I from her seasons at Hotel du Palais, Biarritz. Her niece, Julia (daughter-in-law of President Ulysses S. and Julia Grant) married Prince Michael Cantacuzene & lived with their children on his estates in the Ukraine until chased out by the Bolsheviks. I would appreciate communicating privately with you about these fascinating and timely linkages. Unfortunately, I was unable to attach photos to this comment. Respectfully yours, Marnie Sweet, President Proper Protocol Now Etiquette Excellence

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